The Castelfeder Winery was founded in 1969 by Alfons Giovanett, who had attended the renowned wine school in San Michele all’Adige.
The small private winery originally lay in the center of Neumarkt/Egna in the south of Alto Adige and processed mainly red grapes of the Lagrein, Pinot Noir and Schiava varieties.

In 1989 the founder’s son, Günther Giovanett, took over the management of the winery and at the same time, relocated the operations to the small village of Kurtinig/Cortina in the very south of Alto Adige.
The purchase of new vineyards and close collaboration with other winegrowers in the area offer Günther new possibilities of producing great wines through careful selection of the best production areas and focused cultivation of choice varietals; a job he performs with enthusiasm.

The effort of Günther and his wife Alessandra is confirmed by the decision of their two children Ivan and Ines, who both changed their passion into work.
A true family business with the goal of producing outstanding wines in a special region of Italy.



Alfons Giovanett

Alfons Giovanett, the founder of the winery, who is now enjoying life after 90 years old, still follows the development of Castelfeder with enthusiasm. He is thrilled that his passion for wine and his many years of experience in the trade, are being sustained by his son Günther and his family.


Günther Giovanett

Günther Giovanett assumed the leadership of the winery in 1989, which was followed by a constant growth, enhanced quality of the wines and a determined approach to the sales effort. During the past few years, Günther has dedicated much of his time instructing his children to assume a greater role in production and sales of the winery.


Alessandra Giovanett

Together with her husband Günther, Alessandra has been engaged in the operations of the winery for more than 20 years, providing leadership in the administrative responsibilities of Castelfeder. Her strength lies in communication and the gracious concern, support and love of a mother, Alessandra provides balance and creates a bond for the family, and the winery.


Ivan Giovanett

After his double-degree in Oenology and Wine growing in 2005 and several experiences in wineries outside of Italy, Ivan joined Castelfeder to focus on the production of the wines. Within a couple of years, with his talent and determination as well as the experience of Günther and Alfons, Ivan was able to bring a fresh and new vision to the winery.


Ines Giovanett

Ines, Giovanett’s youngest daughter, decided to join the winery in 2006 after several university experiences. Beginning her career in winery administration, Ines soon discovered her passion and aplomb for sales, and worked with her dad to extend the Castelfeder brand in italy in Germany and Austria. Ines examines export market possibilities, and leads the export sales and marketing efforts for Castelfeder.