Tecum Pinot Bianco Riserva



TECUM, lat. “common” is the expression of balance, harmony and elegance – a wine made according to the taste of the winegrowing family. The mineral – cool Pinot Blanc grows on the sparse dolomite soils of a selected single layer at the highest estate in Buchholz at an altitude of more than 600m above sea level. In full respect of its terroir and adapted to the natural cycle of the grape, the wine matures on the fine yeast in large wooden barrels for 12 months and 12 months in the bottle, achieving a natural stability and a complex variety of aromas. To promote shelf life, Tecum is bottled exclusively in large bottles. N.D.T. expresses the philosophy of the wine: “niente di troppo”, “from nothing too much”.

Serving temperature:

10-14 C°

Shelf life:

5+ years

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