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Sorentberg – crossing borders!!!

Ivan and Tobias are smiling from the cover of the prestigious german wine magazine “Weinwelt” … two young winemakers cross borders to realize their dream, replanting a historic Riesling vineyard in the Mosel. A unique project by a dynamic, young team, a reason for the editors of “Weinwelt” to dedicate the cover to them – WE ARE HAPPY.
The young winemakers Tobias Treis and Ivan Giovanett have both decided to join their families wineries in Germany and Italy after their enology studies in Geisenheim, Germany.
Against all advices from the outside, Tobias and Ivan decided to replant the SORENTBERG vineyard to live their passion, Riesling.
This unique red slate vineyard, has been first planted in 1870 and was then mostly abandoned in the 90s because it is among the steepest vineyards of the area and working this vineyard was almost impossible.
Tobi’s mother smiles and says: “Sorentberg is know to give the best wines in the good years, but it is also known to always be the most painful to work. We sang a song about our hurting feet during work !”
The two rebels did not fear hard work and none could convince them to change their mind and now, three years later, they can’t wait to finally present their first Riesling.

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